March 30, 2020

In the setting of COVID-19, telemedicine visits are now covered broadly by Traditional Medicare, United Healthcare, Blue Cross, and Cigna. Coverage through other insurers may also be available. We are glad to offer telemedicine visits to all patients at the Medicare allowed rate.

The requirement that only special computer software can be used is now waived and your first visit may now be via telemedicine.

This means that we can now serve new and current patients with a convenient and safe Telemedicine Visit.

We have adopted Skype and Zoom as our favored platforms. They are available for free download, are often preinstalled, and are available for a wide range of computers, tablets, and mobile devices. There is a good chance that you, your family members, or friends have already used one of these. Even if you don't need it right away, I encourage you to download and install it now. This is an excellent time to learn how telemedicine could change how you see the doctor.

Here is how to make it happen: