The initial visit is considered a consultation. This is a chance for you to discuss any symptoms or concerns that you may have. Procedures will not be performed at this time, so there are no dietary restrictions or "prep". It is a chance for me to become familiar with your needs.

During the initial visit, which will take approximately 45 minutes, you will be asked to complete a basic questionnaire regarding your medical history. Be prepared by having the following information on hand:

You may print and complete the registration form and bring it to your visit.

If you have had prior laboratory tests, such as blood tests, X-rays or CT scans, or procedures that might be relevant, please obtain copies of your results or ask that the results be sent to us by FAX to 301-774-1034.

We will spend approximately 30 minutes together, usually leading to a general physical examination much like your primary or family doctor might perform. We will conclude by formulating a plan of action. This may include recommendations for dietary and lifestyle changes, additional testing, or endoscopic procedures.